Vintage Prom Dresses Bring back real style with vintage prom dresses!

What is a Vintage Prom Dress?

The twenty-first century is in love with vintage-appeal. It is the perfect 'throw-back' guise for special events that require formal attire. Since Vintage designs, for women, revolve around dresses, corsets, and other lady-like pieces they create an amazing ambiance for even the most style-conscience Fashionista. Old-school fashion sense has returned and has affected almost every runway look in recent design-history. The term vintage covers a far more expansive exposé than previously considered, but in all actuality, this helps to facilitate the fashion world and those of us who benefit from its designs. Although the idea of “classic-vintage” still remains top-dog in collector's eyes you do not have to limit your search for vintage attire on these terms. It is unnecessary to restrict your purchase options when it is possible to outfit yourself with new labels and designer brands whose focus is on replicating vintage looks. The word vintage does not necessarily imply that the dress itself must be fifty years old. It is absolutely kosher to buy a prom dress for yourself minus the musty, “vintage” scent.

Finding Vintage Prom Dresses

There are so many possibilities in today's market. Vintage is 'In' and it's here to stay. Vintage style and concept has been expanded in recent years and the definition has been spread across decade's worth of style and dress. If you prefer anything from a touch of 1920's couture to a taste of the late 1960's or early 80's style it is all considered vintage. The true definition of 'vintage' depends on who you ask and what your tastes are. If you are in search of prom-vintage then be aware that your window of opportunity has widened. Designers have helped broaden the vintage-spectrum to create updated versions of classic vintage looks and made them available to today's clientele. When vintage tastes were first making their come-back it was nearly impossible to find anything truly worthwhile without taking a stroll to your local second-hand store. Vintage clothing stores started making their return which made it slightly easier to find true vintage clothing. The only problem was the craze that followed. After five years it was nearly impossible to find anything genuinely vintage. And that is when the designers began to realize the opportunity that was hiding behind those vintage-doors.

It is true that in today's designer shops you can easily find a dress (with accessories) to suit your taste but the real treat is the hunt. With easy access to a computer you can find some of the best looks and genuine vintage dresses with a little browsing. Sites such as Vintageous and Blue Velvet Vintage are just two examples of sites devoted to the reproduction and sale of vintage dresses. Many sites actually sell original dresses in good condition but these pieces do pull a steeper price. This is the basis for re-creations and replicas. Many vintage pieces, whether out of circuit or are unavailable, are re-made specifically by designers; these pieces are considered new-vintage. There is nothing wrong with new-vintage (unless you are an avid collector) and truthfully there is an up-side to replicas. If you have a specific design in mind, that you know is out-of-print, it is just as easy to find a custom designer that can work on your design as a replica. You can have a beautiful couture replica handmade by an online designer at a price that can compete with pre-made classic-vintage pieces. Vintage style means having it your way. With so many designers available to you online, even locally, you are sure to get the vintage look you want.

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