Show Those Shoulders

Show Those Shoulders!

There are far more than one or two general themes in this years runway prom apparel. The elements are dazzling and the designs are flashy and fantastic. To mimic the coveted designer threads of 2009 all you must be is willing. Willing to be bold.

The designers dresses have shown a similarity in the straps (or no straps at all!), wraps, and halters. The style is fading towards the idea that less is more. It is absolutely true that less is fab! We are not talking mini-skirts. We are talking about revealing a gentle nudge of appropriate skin. Too much skin can be far from fashionable so there is a thin line between fashion Goddess and fashion faux pas.

The big winner on the runway is the criss-crossed X-back design. With the sensual silks and gentle fabrics being used even the slim halter top is creating a stir. Thin straps flowing from triangle topped dresses, the unforgettable spaghetti straps, even the classic strapless dress has taken on a revamped look. Almost every 09 runway design has a crisp, shoulder bearing design that begs to flaunt your glowing, fresh summer hue.

Showing the shoulders and back also gives you a long, lean elegant look without giving too much. Curves can be off-set with a strapless (or spaghetti criss-cross) dress. The design brings attention to your upper body and this can show off your best features while drawing attention away from any lower curves you may be trying to compensate for.

Shoulder - showing dresses share a flirty look that is also great for keeping you cool on the dance floor. They are great with accessories, such as necklaces, because they allow a canvas for your jewelry and make them more apparent. This way all of the time you spent picking them out will not go unnoticed.

If you have a specific reason for not wanting to wear a shoulder-bearing dress, due to a birthmark or something similar, always consider the elegant shawl. This is a timeless and practical way to cover-up and still keep your strapless look. There are always modifications that can be done to make the dress as unique as you and within your special requirements.

Make the most out of the runway designs by making them your own and adding simple modís to turn them into your own personal creations. You can look and feel like the Prom Queen by simply being yourself and using the runway styles to flatter your best features.