Prom Sex

Prom Sex

AS the dancing and conviviality of the prom is winding down, you and your date are quickly starting to reeve it up. Perhaps, you'll fare better than the couple who had a bit too much alcohol to drink. Before long, she had hitched up her gown and they started getting down.

Sex after prom night has been known to happen. Some people would even say that they feel that it's expected. The worst part is when one or the other - or both of you - have no idea of what you're doing, or how things spiraled out-of-control. That's when mistakes happen, and the real trouble starts.

Safer Way to Go

If you choose to keep on going, you'll have to bear in mind that for that single moment of liberation, so to speak, you could end up paying for the rest of your life. If you plan on being sexually active, be prepared: bring protection. Keep in mind that if he ends up hurting you in any way, you could always tell him to stop.

There will be always be instances where it's important to note that you are only one side of the equation and that your date probably won't cooperate and agree to your demands. When these things happen, it's best to formulate an exit strategy, well in advance. Sometimes, drastic actions are called for, like using pepper spray or running away to safety. And, if you need to exercise your option to say, "No"; remember to be firm. Sometimes the situation calls for more than a big, fat, "No!" You can always call for help if you don't feel safe. Trust your instincts.


The rule of thumb whenever you're about to do something that's bordering on stupid or dangerous is that you back off. While you might not consider prom night sex really what you'd qualify as dangerous, it can rank somewhere up there in the stupid category. You might want to rethink your situation after the first few kisses, and demand to be taken home. Try to give yourself breathing room and keep your options open, so that you will feel most comfortable with the choices that you exercise in a given situation.

More likely than not, your date will stop after you utter your first imperative, a firm, "No!" Every once in a while, though, there'll be this guy who feels all macho, who'll try to goad you into "going along with the program," in agreeing to have sexual relations. Stand your ground, though. Also, it can happen the opposite way, too. Don't let the person -- whether it's a guy or girl -- pressure you to where you feel you have to give in.