How to Dance at Prom Learn how to dance at prom

How to Dance at Prom

For some people dancing at the prom is their dream come true, and for others it's a true nightmare! If you are petrified at the thought of having to dance in front of your entire school, take a deep breath and read our advice on how to dance well at the prom.

First off, yes, you really do have to, or at least really should, dance at your prom. Your date is probably expecting it, your friends are probably expecting it, and it really will be a lot of fun. Nothing will disappoint your date more then having to sit in the corner with you while everyone else dances. Don’t look back years later and regret that you didn't do the night up right by making your way out to the dance floor.

Even if you aren't so sure about your dance moves you should make sure to at least be confident in yourself. This means picking an outfit for the prom that you look great and feel great in. When trying on dresses move around in them so you can see how secure they'll be while you move around the dance floor.

Try dancing in a group to start off. This is great for fast songs. Gather up all your friends and make your way to the dance floor. Not only will your friends help hide your movements from people who are watching the dancers but you can also watch the way they move and get some ideas of what to do on your own.

Learning how to dance at prom

Don't panic when you hear a slow song. Slow dancing is very easy and fun to do. Simply wrap your arms around your date and let your body sway to the music.

If prom music isn't your thing and you're worried you won't know how to dance to it, then ask the DJ to play your favorite song. If you like something really obscure, bring a copy of the song with you. You'll really get into the groove when you hear the music you already know and enjoy. Plus you might be surprised to find out that some of your classmates have secretly been into the same music as you all along!

Of course if you really want to knock them dead on the dance floor, look into taking a few lessons before prom night begins. This could be as simple as asking an older sibling to show you the ropes or signing up for dance lessons at a studio. So many people are nervous about dancing that many churches and town recreational centers offer such classes free of charge or for a modest fee.