Prom Dress Colors

Beautiful in Blue

As you sit there browsing the web, searching the malls, and bouncing through the boutiques in search of your perfect prom dress you will notice that most of the dresses have their own unique fondness. This is no mistake. In fact, every color of the rainbow has its own “personality” just like you. So you are not only on a search for the perfect style of dress, but also a search for the perfect dress color-personality.

There are a lot of colors and styles to choose from but when it comes down to a winner there is no doubt that one, single color stands much taller than all of the rest. Blue. There are many different shades of the color blue. Fortunately, no matter how light, or dark, or in between you go with this color the sensations you feel when looking at it do not waiver.

Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, and these attributes give blue the most amazing characteristics. The sense of tranquility fills the heart and mind of those who are looking at this color. Your prom date will be stricken by your peaceful vibes when he catches his first glimpse of you. Amazingly enough the color blue actually causes the body to produce calming chemicals and this alone is a wonderful reason to choose it as a compliment to your awesome personality!

Does it Match Your Eyes?

Not only will you “Wow” the crowd with your choice of style, but the color of your dress alone will have them wooing over you. By wearing blue to the prom, you are symbolizing loyalty to your date. So if your date is a future prospect, you will be sending just the right hints. Your energy will also soar through the roof, as blue tends to enhance your productive side, which will come in handy on that dance floor. Not only will you be able to dance the night away, but you will be the one with more energy, more stamina, and more spirit than the rest. Your blue hue will give you a zestful boost that will keep you going all night.

On the other hand, blue is also the king of soothing and relaxing vibes. So you will be able to switch to a slow dance in an instant. This relaxing feel will stimulate your creative side and this may even help you think of a few new moves.

The perfect night will be amazingly intense yet sultry and relaxing. The best part of blue is its ability to enhance both sides of the emotional spectrum. You will be able to go from relaxed to energized in the blink of an eye, and with versatility like that, you can make the most of your big night.

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