Homecoming 2011

What's Your Style Gonna Be?

2011 is here and homecoming is quickly approaching. Now is the time to start considering your options and generating your personal style preferences. The top designers in formal wear have made their lists and now it is time to make yours. The styles and trends for 2011 are almost limitless and this gives you more access and more options than ever before.

There is one trend that every top designer has incorporated into this year's line; one look that almost everyone can agree on. The flirty short dress design has become number one across the board. Every major teen magazine including Seventeen Magazine, Teen Magazine and Your Prom has featured the 'flirty short dress' with high regard. Short-dress designs for the upcoming formalwear season are readily available in hundreds of unique designs. The market is flooded with amazing cuts, colors and unique displays of detailing in this short-cropped classic. This style not only flatters the figure but it allows you to show off your amazing heels. Why hide those $90 pumps?

The 'flirty skirt' style is a universal winner for most body types. It offers curves for petite sizes while giving lift and support for plus size girls. And let's not forget accessories. This design is made to accentuate your love of accessories. From heels to bangles, every piece of added flair will be beautiful and visible.

Next in line is the classic strapless. This is an elegant original that designers have kept on the top of their lists. The strapless design is multitalented in itself. The skirt options for strapless styles are endless because the love that designers have for this look is unending. Whether you prefer an ankle length skirt or the 'flirty' short design you are in luck either way. The strapless is as 'classic' and elegant as they come. This is one design that has been long-lived for very good reason.

Drama or Casual?

The cousin of the strapless dress is the highly acclaimed one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder style. Top designers have taken this concept to new heights. You can find hundreds of unique one-shoulder/off-the-shoulder designs by favorites such as Tony Bowls, La Femme and even Atria. Wide strapped, bow-backs, organza pleats and sequins spaghetti trim are only a few of the options available in this cut. No two dresses are the same in this realm. So no matter which you choose your dress will remain unique to the event. A top pick can be found in the pageant-style, one-shoulder dress. This design is made with a thick strip of organza which connects to the waist of the dress and comes up and over the shoulder; a beautiful alternative to a strapless.

For those ladies who are seeking a more dramatic alternative 'accented tops' are the answer. Many designers have taken their dresses to the next level by adding bright patterns, bold sequins and even faux flowers to their designs. This is an option for ladies who love flare and unique design. BG Haute has a great example of a floral-accent design which incorporates large faux flowers over the dress' entire front-bodice. You won't need a corsage with this amazing design because the dress will say it all.

Another top-pick for this homecoming season is the stylish peep-lace or 'ruched' dress. This is a new design that has taken us by storm. Mostly found on mini's and strapless dresses this etched look is certainly an eye-catching alternative. Designers have taken the classic mini and revamped it with a small section of flattering lace. The lace graces either the hip or the base of the skirt and adds an unexpected twist. The 'ruched' waistline is an amazing compliment to a gathered pleat or side-hem and makes bold statement when paired with wrist-length, lace gloves.

While on your dress-hunt do not forget to browse the wide selection of 'cocktail' dresses offered by most formalwear companies. You may limit your choices by only searching through the 'homecoming' section. There are too many wonderful dresses that you may miss out on. So broaden your search, even just a little, and you may find a whole new world of designs. There are thousands of different dress options available to you so be bold, step out of box, and you'll be sure to find the perfect dress.

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