Homecoming 2010

Homecoming 2010!

There are absolutely no “print restrictions” in formalwear this season. If you, like many young ladies, are making arrangements for the approaching homecoming celebrations then consider yourself lucky. This season is packed full of daring hues and courageous prints. Trend-setters have certainly ascended the boundaries of color and you are the ones reaping the rewards.

There are thousands of print possibilities out there. Anything goes. The classic look of animal prints is a strong contestant this season. Prints such as tiger/leopard/cougar, zebra and even peacock feather imprints are a great way to show off your wild side. Unexpected animal prints include butterfly prints and even various feather prints. As long as it is printed on the fabric, and not a separate feature, then you have found yourself a “Print”. Geometric and asymmetrical prints are certainly notorious. Their appeal has skyrocketed this season and their availability dramatically increased. This also includes prints that fall into the abstract category. Most, but not all, abstract patterns consist of geometric features and odd, off-center shapes.

Are You Ready?

Floral prints are indeed a huge seller this season. This look can sometimes be misrepresented, just like any other style that is not properly applied, but if the floral print is suitably adorned and the size of the print is appropriate for the style of the dress then the results can be quite stunning. Many fashion designers have embraced this sleek and inviting print by adding distinctive floral prints into their collections. Designers such as Michael Kors, Anna Sui, Adrianna Papell and Anne Klein have fell for the delicate appeal of floral prints. The love of floral has stretched far and wide and it is due impart to the amazing versatility that flora-prints allow. Color range, print size, fading and cascading are just some of the attributes found in today's sweetest floral print dresses. The hardest part is finding just one floral print to choose.

Oil impression prints are another facet of print-design that touch on the abstract. The idea is to take slip into an impressionist oil painting. This is an amazingly versatile print because no matter what range of hues you enjoy the patterns will adorn you. If you like neutral tones it will work beautifully. If you prefer dramatic neon's that is also a great choice. The way in which oil impression prints blend together truly makes color scheme errors difficult. So if you are on the daring side try an impressionist print full of your favorite shades. Although the selection is limitless, with a little determination, you can find your perfect print.

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