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What is a Gothic Prom Dress?

Gothic style has been creeping into main stream daily-wear since the early 80's (1980's that is). It can be said that new age gothic couture is based on designs from the Victorian and Renaissance era; elegant laces, curve-making corsetry, lace-backs, tall heeled boots- the list goes on and on. Let's face it: Prom-time is the perfect time to display the accentuating, and liberating, pieces presented by Gothic fashion. There is a “Sweeny Todd” appeal to many aspects of today's gothic dress-ware and this era of attire dates back to the 1800's. There is no doubt that gothic fashion stemmed from years-past but in this current age of abstract fashion we cannot deny that Goth has been revamped, in its own unique way, over the past ten to fifteen years.

The prom is an excellent setting to display your individuality and style which is why the Gothic prom dress selection has recently exploded. Not only can we benefit from top-name designers (like Alexander McQueen) and their fast selling, Goth-based couture's but the demand for 'high fashion Goth' has local designers coming out of the woodwork too. You are not likely to find proper Gothic designs at your local JCPenny store but the gap between wanting a Goth-design and actually having access to it is slowly closing in. Gothic designers such as Lip Service, Dark Star, Jeannie Nitro and The Dark Angel are only a few of the easily accessible creators of this uniquely inspiring apparel. Companies like these offer wide varieties of elegant Goth-styles for occasions such as prom, where a formal-feel is needed. Not all, but most of these designers/creators can work with you on a personal level to make one-of-a-kind dresses. In retrospect, the more underground the Goth-designer is the more likely you are to receive true one-on-one attention (and a one-of-a-kind design). Just be sure to scope out, and approve of, the designers 'portfolio' before making any agreements.

Finding Gothic Prom Dresses

One of the best attributes to Gothic design is the inherent versatility. Most Gothic “dresses” are multi-piece outfits which mean the wearer has the option of mismatching or revamping the look to personalize the ensemble. There can be several ways to wear or interchange one particular piece or dress. Corsetry is a top-selling, high fashion choice for big events. Corset dresses are extremely beautiful on any body shape or size and they can be worn many different ways to accommodate the look that is desired. Corsetry has become an art form in itself and has made a name for itself in the Gothic designing community. Corsets range from under-bust to over-bust, waist to hip length, one piece or connected dress pieces and many other detailed forms of design. Design companies such as Asylum 7 Corsetry, Dark Garden Corsetry, and Delicious all delve within the world of custom corset design and personalization. Corset gowns can be some of the most elaborate designs available but the best part is that no matter how simple or extravagant the corsetry is you are guaranteed to look stunning. Unlike other Gothic dress designs the corset-based gowns have an intricacy built-in by design. So, no matter how much organza and lace you add to a contemporary Goth design, the corset topped-dress will look stunning by default (minus the organza frills).

No matter what the exact design of your dress is you can't forget the accessories. Pick up a stainless steel cuff bracelet or armband from Steel DeSade or maybe a web-inspired clutch from Spider's Web and you'll be guaranteed a night to remember (and a night to be-remembered).

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