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Wearing Wrap Dresses

In 1972, Diane von Furstenberg brought the wrap dress to the world as a high fashion item, and many celebrities and public figures, including Jerry Hall and Princess Diana, quickly adopted the luck. During the 1980s, however, fashion trends focused more on “power dressing,” and the wrap dress fell to the wayside. It reemerged in 1997, targeted towards the younger, hipper generation – recently, Paris Hilton, Jemima Khan, and Mischa Barton have all been photographed wearing these fashionable dresses.

Of course, wrap dresses aren’t for everyone. The following is some advice to help determine whether or not the style is right for you:

The Pros

If you’re a middle aged, curvaceous women, this type of dress can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Curvy figures look fantastic in a wrap dress and this is one reason why they are so popular – not everyone is a size one or two!

The way the wrap dress is designed creates an hour-glass figure, highlighting your waist and drawing attention away from any problems area you might have. Wrap dresses lift the bust and separate it from the waist, and camouflage any extra weight in the hips and thighs.

Wrap dresses are perfect for pregnant women. As you grow, you can be both comfortable and trendy in a stylish wrap dress.

The wrap dress is versatile – it’s suitable for work and for pleasure. When you pair it with a classy pair of pumps and a sophisticated bag, you’ve got a great look for the office. Or you can wear it with a great pair of leggings and flats for a fun everyday look.

A wrap dress is one of your best choices for travel wear, as it requires very little ironing or care to look good.

The Cons

Unfortunately, it seems that the quality of the fabric used in today’s wrap dresses has fallen off somewhat since the dress was first introduced. If you aren’t careful, you might end up with a very clinging, synthetic fabric that doesn’t hang well and reveals every bump and lump in your body. If you want a true wrap dress, go for a scavenger hunt for a 1970’s original that contains the “Made in Italy” label.

Today, floral patterns, checks and strips are extremely popular on wrap dresses, but you need to be careful when you choose the print and pattern of your dress. You can quickly ruin your image if you choose a pattern that makes you frumpy and old. If you have no idea what print or pattern would look good on you, consider a wrap dress that only has one or two colors.

If you have small breasts or no curves, you may find that wrap dresses make you look like you’re walking out of your home in a dressing gown. Choose a different pattern – like an A-line skirt – that’s more flattering on your petite figure.

The fabulous wrap dress should be a staple in most women’s wardrobes, but it’s important to understand how to best flaunt your body with this type of dress. If you have a larger body frame, a full top and skirt will help to create balance in your silhouette. However, if your frame is smaller or somewhat willowy, you’ll want to find a wrap dress that has an adjustable tie to look your best.

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