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What Message Does Your Dress Trim Send?

When it comes to the trimming of dresses you can almost guarantee that this addition adds a flare to every style. The detail that trim can add is noticeable on everyone. The most exquisite designs have the most accurate and eccentric detail. It is amazing what little things can do for big designs. We all have our preferences but when it comes to very pretty, very chic dresses, the detail is what attracts the eye (besides the color).

Taking a lace-covered dress as an example, you notice the fabric first, yes, but the second thing you notice is the beautiful design imprinted in the nearly-invisible lace covering. Our eyes don't lie; the eyes allow us to make the simplest things stand out and show us the beauty in the simple. When it comes to trimmed designs and dangling beadwork it all takes the cake. We notice the dress color, or overall shape first, but then the trim-work comes popping out at us.

Trim Work is Important

The design of trim work can actually make-or-break the over-all design of a dress. If you have a beautifully designed dress that has unfortunate trim work it can be bad news for that dress. But if you have a plain-Jane dress that is graced with a delicate and lovely trim-layout it is probably going to work out for that dress' designer. We see simple dresses all the time. Simple one tone, one color, one touch dresses that make one statement: Simple. We are surrounded by these dresses. This is why designers who go out of their way to make a line of dresses with an amazing array of trim-work, beaded trim, and double-colored trim end up setting the pace for this seasons dress style.

The fun looks come with fun trim, it's true. Even a simple pattern can be revamped to declare a whole new statement with added work around the dress' trim. There are ways to make trim-work mistakes too. Adding trim to the neckline and sleeve ends can be a dress breaking mistake. Most trim-work focuses on the bottom hem, the opening seams, or on odd sections such as the waistline. Trim design can be a delicate situation but all-in-all it can add flare, spice, and a clear focal point to a dress. Go bold by going for detail. If you are searching for an any occasion dress you are better off finding a detailed design. From inexpensive to top of the line, dresses with detail and trim-attention get the focus and attention above the rest.

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