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The 50s are Back!

Those special years we call the 50's were full of good times and great style. Bathing suits were still full-bodied, CLUE was brand new, Truth and Consequences was a top TV show, rockabilly was introduced, and telephone booth stuffing was the latest craze. The year of all these great things and yet the one thing that stood above the rest was the inexhaustible fashion. Dresses were the fab-fashion and every lady was wearing them. (Jeans had yet to make their way to the mainstream style for women).

When it comes to rockabilly today it is more than a title for a brand of music it is a label of style. Dresses that are recreated today, in the name of 1950's fashion, are labeled as rockabilly fashion. It is a distinct note for a distinct line of fashion. These dresses were created originally during a time when femininity, power, and individuality were rising within the ranks. Its individual style celebrates being a woman and having the shape, features, and pizzazz that only women can display.

A Great Fashion Decade Makes Its Return

In a time of persecution women stood up and declared their right to be powerful, beautiful, and down-right amazing. They did so through their actions, their prowess, their uniqueness, and their style. These styles represent stepping out of the bonds and expressing yourself as a Goddess. Halter designed dresses bear those beautifully sculpted shoulders. Flowing, bouncy skirts show those long, beautiful legs and add a bounce to your step. So many details to this dress-style genre express the beauty that surrounds women's bodies and style.

With your own rockabilly dress you can embrace your feminine side and show off the glorious features that make you an amazing woman. By embracing the hourglass shape in these designs it helps real-sized women to show off their sexy curves. Curves are the norm and curves are embraced in these smokin' hot designs. The term rockabilly was introduced as a term for a new age rock and roll, but now that expression of rock and roll has moved into our new age form for style. This style-line brings the spirit of rock and roll into the form and fashion of feminine functionality. These sweet styles with embrace your girly side while also letting you express your inner vixen. We all want to feel beautiful in our own curves and there has never been a style that better embraced that, and expressed that, desire with such true form.

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