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There are many different styles of dresses available today, and each one has its own pros and cons for women. Some will look great on fuller figures, while others will look best on women with willowy frames. Since there are such a wide variety of choices available, it’s important to know which ones are best suited to your shape. The following are some of the most popular dress styles and how to tell whether or not they’re right for you.

The Empire Line

For most figures, the empire-line or empire-waist dress is a very flattering dress. The waist of the garment is raised well above the natural waistline, making it best for women who are shorter and more petite. The higher waist lends itself to a longer, flowing line, which does a great job of camouflaging a thick waist or wide hips. Empire line dresses can be either long or sort, and typically feature a deep v-shaped neckline.

The Baby Doll

The baby doll dress is a short version of the empire line dress – think of a short nightgown to get a mental picture of what this dress looks like. It’s usually trimmed in bows, lace, and ribbons and has the high waistline associated with empire line dresses. It’s a very flattering style for women with bigger busts, but you need some long legs to pull this one off, otherwise, you’ll look stubby and disproportionate. If you’re set on wearing this style, but don’t have the gams to go with it, you can use high heels to help make your legs look longer.

The Flapper

This Great Gatsby favorite is a short, flirty style, usually embellished with fringe, beads, or ruffles. It falls straight down the body, making it a good choice for women who need to camouflage a little tummy pooch or thicker thighs. Most of the time, the flapper is also sleeveless, so you may want to consider a different style if you’re self-conscious about your arms.

The Caftan

The caftan is a universal dress style – similar to the sarong – that has really become one of the mainstays of fashion. It works on its own or over a pair of jeans, and can be used to smooth over just about any problem area. This style is not going away anytime soon, although plus size women may want to consider a more-fitted style. On a heavier woman, the caftan may come off looking more like a tent than a fashionable style.

The Mini and the Maxi

While you never know what exact dress length will be hitting the runway each year, recently, the trend has been to highlight both the mini and the maxi. As their names imply, the mini dress refers to a super-short skirt, while the maxi dress is flowing garment that typically reaches the floor. In large part, whether or not you’ll feel comfortable in one of these styles depends on how you feel about your legs. Depending on the cut of the dress, you may find that one works better for you than the other.

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