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Dress Up in Comfort

Ruffle-inspired dresses are not the only comfortable dress design that can be a girl's best friend. There is such a thing as layers, and I recommend that every woman have her very own 'layerful' dress. Like the 'little black dress' theory, we women are developing a multi-facetted agreement on what the basic in dress design are, and what designs are must-haves for every woman's closet. The ideals are branching further out and we are adding more and more perfection to our lists. The more layers the better and this is not just a Winter-only tip anymore. In the springtime a layered-base dress is great in a sleek and simple white, off-white, or shell color to show your pure and simple Spring attitude; layers in pastels can be a clean-break from the depths of the passing Winter. In the summer you can go for layers made with thin and mixed lace materials to cool you off while showing off those bright-eye colors to match the mood of the season. A layered fall dress can consist of a three-quarter sleeve top with a layered-base. Shoot for a thick-cut tank design for fall with a long strand of wrap-around sheath-lace. For a sexy winter look wear any style of layered dress with knee-high crinkle-boots and a waist-length, flared polyester jacket; this will keep you toasty on those cold winter days.

Highlight Your Attributes

With added layers come added 'fluff', more texture, more body and vibrancy. You can never have too much bounce in your dress'-base. The most exceptional feeling is that of taking over the dance floor with a sweeping, lovely dress that flows obediently in every direction that you do. Swirling, dipping, spinning and twirling are the sweetest things when you are a dress that is as free to roam as your spirit. Nothing says lady-like elegance than a flowing gown.

There are even attachable layers on certain styles. The best part is that you have no need for an itchy slip when you are wearing a multi-layered dress. It works like a built-in slip with its own layers. With layered skirt-base dresses you will find that your calves tend to look sleeker, legs appear longer, and it adds a touch of 'Oomph' to the backside; especially if you are wearing a dress that yields a tight-form top with a multi-layered skirt-base. To add another touch of heaven, wear your next puffy-dress with a simple pair of flats, or vertical heels. These girly looking designs are ideal for a pair of metallic strap-flats; no hose required. Layers are beyond versatile; you can't go wrong with a pair of different colored layered-base dresses to top-off your collection. They will keep you company all year long.

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