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Celebrity Dresses - Fashion Forecast 2009

As we have all seen, this year’s fashion trends are all over the board – it seems you can wear just about anything these days and call it fashion! However, many critics are calling out the celebrities who have made bad choices thus far. The biggest complaint about the Grammys and the SAG Awards was that the dresses were mostly boring and won’t be remembered past this year’s awards season.

However, our luck may change at this year’s Academy Awards, as a very different style seems to be brewing for that event. Most designers are going for a classical inspiration for the upcoming Academy Awards – a take on a classic dress worn to the first ceremony in 1929 would be very welcome this year. Consider the standouts we’ve seen so far this awards season, and the ones we will hopefully see repeated soon.

Ruffles Are Everywhere This Season

Ruffles were seen on many of the celebrity dresses at the awards shows so far this year. Some styles were simply accented with ruffled collars, while others went all out with layers of ruffles on the skirts. Many dresses even had long ruffled trains flowing behind the gown. Drew Barrymore’s grey-blue ruffled dress at this year’s Emmys is perhaps the best example of these ruffles in action.

Layers Are a Hit for the Fall Season

Many celebrities chose to layer a variety of patterns and fabrics, creating a distinct look this season. Consequently, cover-ups and short jackets are very popular in the current Academy Awards predictions. Many designers have released sketches, including short sleeved jackets and long white gloves. This may have something to do with all the focus on Mrs. Obama’s traditional style and her comparison to Jackie Kennedy. Many people have flocked to buy the retro styled dresses the first lady was seen in on the campaign trail and at January’s inauguration events.

Low Cut Dresses Are Very Popular

Many stars chose to bare it all on the red carpet this year. V-necks cut down to the naval were seen on many stars, as were daring, backless styles. While this look may not be perfect for everyone, there are higher cut variations that could translate well into every day styles. Some actresses, on the other hand, chose to forgo the long V-necks for off-the-shoulder versions. Either way, baring skin in a tasteful manner seems to be the best choice this year.

The Bolder the Better

Stars like Angelina Jolie went all out with unique designs that have never been seen before – she actually wore her low cut dress backwards to create a completely new style. While it’s hard to be unique when so many trends have already been discovered, many stars have accomplished this feat. For example, Paris Hilton chose a short, nighty-style dress for the Grammies that seemed to completely divide the viewers. While the response was love it or hate it, she definitely got attention.

If you’re looking for a great celebrity style this year, you may have to shop around, as the styles are so varied this year. However, if you prefer to have lots of options, you definitely won’t be disappointed this year. Keep an eye on the red carpet for the upcoming Academy Awards – if all the hype is to be believed, we should see many more great styles coming down the red carpet this year.

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