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Expressing Your Style with Different Types of Dres

When you think of your favorite dress, what comes to mind? Is it a simple shift or an elaborate formal gown? Every woman has her own style that influences every aspect of her dress decisions, so itís not surprising to find that the dresses we choose often reflect elements of our personalities and tastes. If you donít yet have a personal style, donít worry Ė there are many different types of dresses to choose from, and many different ways for you to express your own unique style with cuts, fabrics and accessories.

Color, Style, and Fabric

Itís not surprising that many women choose their dresses based on specific colors, fabrics and styles. Itís not rocket science to avoid short, brightly colored dresses if you look best in richer jewel tones and flowing fabrics. However, beyond being a simple choice of whatís most flattering, different elements of the dress can also help express your personal style. Lush, heavier fabrics suggest a love of luxury and fine things, while bright orange can convey a sense of excitement and drama. Although there are no hard and fast rules on what each dress style says about a person, you may find that you instinctively drift towards dresses that express your personality.

Short and Sassy Cocktail Dresses

If you consider yourself to be a fun-loving and adventurous person, you might find that a short and sassy cocktail dress best expresses your unique style. This style is all about having a good time, and many times, these dresses are covered in fun sequins or created from unique cuts of fabric. While short, sassy dresses arenít for everyone, those that love these dresses are sure to make each dress a reflection of their style.

Wrapping Up Your Style

Another great way to express your own style is with the versatile wrap dress. These dresses are very popular right now, and you can find just about any color and pattern to suite your tastes. Wrap dresses vary in length as well, so you arenít forced to go either too long or too short with this flattering style. In addition, the accessory options are endless with these dresses Ė you can stand out or blend in, depending on your preferences. Belts, shoes, sandals, hats, jewelry, bags are all popular options for accessorizing wrap dresses.


A formal occasion can be a great opportunity to showcase your personal tastes and style. You may opt for a long, flowing chiffon gown with a train, or a one-shouldered number from your favorite designer. While it does seem that favorite colors changes from season to season, itís best to wear a dress in a color that compliments your hair and skin tone. Many women choose formals that fit snugly around the waist and bodice, while others prefer a looser fit, such as a baby doll bodice. You can accessorize these gowns with jewelry, although most of todayís formal wear doesnít need jewelry to stand out.

In general, youíll find many fashion gurus who will tell you to avoid one type of dress over another Ė especially if you feel your body has ďproblem areas.Ē However, itís always best to choose dresses that youíre comfortable in and that make you feel like you look your best. If youíre in a rut, you might want to consider different colors or fabrics to try something new, but if you like a certain type of dress, then wear it. Itís your body Ė showcase it the way you want to.

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