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Fluffy, puffy, magnificent clusters of fabric embellish the frayed skirt-bases of top fashion dresses in the hottest, most coveted, looks of decades past. The pleated bases of ruffled dresses actually added an editorial glam to simple topped styles. It is amazing how two dresses with the same top-design can be totally transformed but differs completely when one has a flowing skirt-base and the other has a ruffled base; Night and day don't compare. Days had passed since the poodle skirt, and then it was followed by the relaxed, more hippie-fit, skirt to a day when relaxed combined with pleated and ruffled to create the dress of all classic dresses. The fabulous look-alike designs from the late fifties and sixties have brought back the most tweeted-about look in dress styling; this is no fluke. And this describes only one example of a go-round, classic. There are thousands of individual designs that have made their way to the mainstream and then from the mainstream and then back again.

Timeless or Fad?

Fashion is so fantastic because of its ability to flow full-circle, every ten to twenty years, to revamp and revisit styles of times-past. The designs from years ago can be reformed, or untouched, and brought back with a new designer name, or tag, and given a whole new look with layers, accessories, or trim. There are no-holds-barred when it comes to bringing back antiqued-looks that were once cherished and allowed to return for a second round of adoration. The simplicity of the past is respected for so many reason in today's high-fashion, front-spread world. We embrace looks that cover all areas of the style spectrum and even those that graze the edge of fanatical, but we simply adore style that feels as comfortable as it looks. This is an endless trend of comfy-fashion that will always have a place in the style-system.

It is amazing to see the trends that end up being fly-by-nighter's. Comparatively speaking, some trends that 'make-it' and others that don't (fly-by-nighter's) may not have such drastic differences. The idealistic trend is a clothing line with flare, originality, comfort, and versatility. Some of the more outlandish articles of design can be worn in certain forms and in particular places and instances, while other more dramatic clothing pieces have no place in fashion and make their first and last appearance at their debut showing. Although some items today may seem a bit too advanced for their time, with the ever-returning traditions of fashion, we may all be seeing these same looks in the windows of boutiques twenty years from now as the 'latest antique-designs' in runway fashion; and so continues the ever-evolving returns of past-fashion.

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