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How to Find Great Dresses on a Budget

In todayís economy, many people are tightening their purse strings and shopping around for great deals. This is especially true in the clothing industry, where many people are choosing to wear last yearís styles once again, instead of dropping tons of money on new wardrobes. However, it doesnít have to be this way Ė there are a number of tricks you can use to pick up this yearís styles at affordable prices. After all, you donít want to attend special events in the same dresses you wore last year. Consider the following options if you need to find a great deal on a new dress.

Shop the Sales Racks

With sales down, many companies are having huge sales right now, just to get inventory moving. You may be able to find clearance racks at discounts of up to 75%, or weekly deals for as much as 50% off. You can also find huge discounts during end-of-the-season sales. For once, you might actually save money by holding out until the last minute. If your event is at the end of the season, donít buy early; wait until the date is closer to see whatís on sale. Youíll also find that many companies offer special sales on their websites that arenít available in stores. Make sure you check locally and online for special sales.

Consider Gently Used or Vintage Dresses

Many vintage-style dresses are in fashion this year, but you donít need to pay full price for these copy-cat looks. Instead, you can purchase the real deal at consignment shops and thrift stores. There are also many thrift stores that carry contemporary name-brand dresses for a fraction of the cost. Also, look for thrift stores that are run by charities, since many women will buy a dress for one event and then donate it to the local charity. Itís not uncommon to find a $500 dress marked down to less than $50. Send the dress to the dry cleaners for another $20-50, and youíll have a nearly new dress for 80% off.

Put the Dress on Layaway

Most department stores have some form of layaway plan that you can use to purchase a new dress. If you know you need a dress a few months ahead of time, you can use this option to pay off your dress a little bit at a time. Of course, some companies have a time limit on how long theyíll hold the items, and you may need to put down a deposit to enroll in the program. But despite these restrictions, layaway plans can make a lot of sense. If you plan to purchase a $300 dress, you could pay it off at $100 per week or just $25 dollars per week Ė depending on what your budget allows. In most cases, you can cancel the transaction at any time and get the majority of your money back. If you end up not needing the dress or the event gets canceled, you can cancel the layaway plan and get most of your money back.

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