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If you feel like you can’t ever find the perfect dress for your event, don’t worry – it’s now easier than ever to buy a dress online. Buying dresses online has a number of different advantages, including – but not limited to – the huge selection you’ll have access to on the internet. If you live in a rural area or small town, your local choices may be very limited – you may have to drive a long way just to find a decent selection of dresses. In addition, people who wear larger sizes or require specific cuts may find it hard to find what they need locally. Finally, purchasing dresses off the internet is quick, easy and often less expensive than buying from traditional retailers. However, there are a number of things to consider before making any online dress purchases.

Make Sure You Buy the Right Size

Finding the correct size isn’t as easy online as it is in local stores; since you can’t hold the garment up or try it on to see if it fits. Since designers often have different sizing scales, the best thing to do is look for measurements. You may find that one site says a size eight is a 29” waist, while another will say it is 27” or 31” waist. Buy a simple sewing tape measure and learn how to take all your measurements. Typically, you’ll need to know your chest, waist, hips, arm length, trunk length, and leg length – depending on the style of dress you’re purchasing. In general, the more measurements you compare, the better the dress will fit when it arrives.

Watch for Irregularities

Before you make an online purchase, you should be presented with a large clear picture of the dress that’s up for sale. If the image is small or blurry, ask for better shots since these imperfections could be hiding a rip, tear or stain. You also need to consider the lighting of the picture. If you’re looking for a certain color for an event, it can be difficult to determine the exact color of the dress over the computer, especially in bad lighting. Colors like blue and dark purple can look very similar on a computer screen, so you need to read the item description carefully. If you’re purchasing used items, make sure you specifically ask about stains or tears. You need to have full disclosure in case you must later argue that the shipping carrier damaged the item.

Double Check the Return Policy

Make sure you understand the return policy of the company you plan to buy from. If they only allow returns up to ten days and it takes eight days to receive the item, you might want to reconsider your purchase. Don’t forget to ask who will cover shipping in case you need to exchange or return the item as well. If you’ll be paying more to ship the dress both ways than the actual cost of the dress, it may not be a good deal if something goes wrong.

Only Buy From Trusted Sites

Check out the company you will be purchasing from – you’d be surprised how many scammers there really are out there! Online companies can be checked out through the Better Business Bureau if they’re based in the US. Otherwise, you can do a search for the company name to see if you find any negative comments online about the company from public forums or sites like RipoffReport.com.

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