2012 prom dresses

High-Low Trends for 2012

The newest 2012 prom designs have been released. We have waited in anticipation and the styles are finally ready for viewing and purchase. After surveying last year's trends, and comparing the top styles, the votes were unanimous among top designers and sellers. This year's hottest dress is the 'high-low' style.

2011 brought big chatter to the high-low dress and this helped to determine its returning fate for this year's upcoming prom season. Designers have been cramming for several months to ensure that you have access to the most coveted high-low designs. The high-low dress has been revamped in many cases to ensure that you will have access to newer, edgier designs.

A major highlight to the newest 2012 designs is the (optional) removable overskirt. The high-low dress is designed to give you a new take on the classic mini, but many of you showed interest in a removable overskirt option. This was such a great idea that designers have taken it to heart and now you can reap the rewards of their labor. The removable overskirt adds definition to an already defined design. This allows you more versatility throughout your evening. It can make the whole night a little more convenient. It makes everything from getting in and out of the limo to doing more on the dance floor so much easier. And we are thankful.

Comfort Has Arrived

Most prom dress designs are focused on looks and motif rather than over-all comfort. It is nice to see designers finally hearing our chaffed cries for liberation. Ninety percent of prom dresses come equipped with organza fabrics and although it is a beautiful fabric it can be slightly uncomfortable. High-low designers have focused much of their organza fabrics onto the skirt of this design which is now removable in many cases. This brings a whole new level of beauty and comfort to you prom night. So if you decide to remove the skirt from your gown you'll be left with an amazing mini option.

This dress design has many other engaging details. Specifically, this dress has been designed to carry its own weight in appeal. After last year's trial-run many of you said that the high-low dress was so exotic and layered that there was very little need to accessorize. It is far too easy to over-accessorize when choosing a dress that has so much built-in personality.

The rule-of-thumb is to go lightly when seeking additions to your outfit. Stylists say that the idea is to allow the dress to be your focal point. Adding more layers to an already coated dress design can quickly become an over-kill. So use caution. If you are set on wearing a complete jewelry set be modest with the thickness of your necklace/bracelet and shoot for post earrings. If you add a thick bracelet, a thick-band necklace and dangling earrings you may find that your dress is being overpowered by your jewelry. Try a thin banded necklace with a thin to medium bracelet and no earrings or larger, dangling earrings with a thin to medium bracelet and nix the necklace. Less can be so much more.

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