2011 Prom Dresses

What Trends are In?

Many prom trends are already being forecast for 2011. Critics and critiques are zoning in on the higher-end of gown fashion. Making bold statements with strong colors, classic cuts and top-of-the-line look-alike's can equal a great 2011 prom fashion scene. Keep a close eye open for newly emerging, never before seen trends emerging. The new year will be overflowing with brilliant looks and great variety.

2011 is all about rewinding; trends of 2011 are leaning heavily on vintage styles. There are vintage undertones to the backdrop of 2011 fashion and this makes trendsetting versatile but still solid. The past has shown us that good style can last lifetimes- and the recent resurrection of vintage impressions proves that. Certain outmoded vintage styles and materials, such as lace, have made their comeback in new and improved forms.

The sheer maxi trend is predicted to drag over into 2011 prom scene for further renovation. The design of the layered maxi stems from hippie-era skirts and is an interpretation of it. It will be found integrated into versions of formalwear in early 2011. This is a hot trend that can be not only worn straight off of the rack but can also be altered and layered more with little effort.

Blast from the Past

Another hot 2011 trend can be traced back to previous years. Fashion is currently revolving around re-creation of past trends. The 'mermaid' cut is an exquisite past trend being revisited and re-mastered for formalwear. The versatility of the mermaid is what makes it a great trend. The best part of the mermaid is its power to look great when paired with bold and daring patterns.

Another recently predicted design trend can now be found gracing the current runways. It is called asymmetrical/dipping hems. Formal wear is beginning to take hints from casual looks and one of these has made a big impact. The asymmetric hem is a brilliant look; shorter in front than back. Jasmin Shokrian, Max Azria and several other designers have incorporated the asymmetrical hem to their dress designs in their upcoming collections. The selection of asymmetrical dress designs is expanding quickly. 2011 will be a great year for asymmetrical dress designs. The variations found in asymmetric hems can consist of differing lengths, materials and side design. Some decipher the asymmetry differently.

When it is all said and done, the 2011 prom season will be a consistent reflection of the present trends. That is the only secret that revolves around prom fashion; what you see on the runways will be consistently seen at the following prom season; the obscure and the obvious trends alike.

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