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What's Hot For Prom 2009?

Don't even try to kid yourself – prom night is one of the most important nights of your high school years. Prom night is about looking great and having fun – the last thing you want to do is show up in gown that makes you feel anything less than absolutely gorgeous.

Starlet Style

Tinseltown has put out some great designs this year, so go ahead and add a little Hollywood glamour to your prom attire. Think back to the dresses from the red carpet that stick out in your mind – would you kill for Anne Hathaway's red Marquesa gown from this year's Oscars? Or can you see yourself strutting into prom decked out in Marion Cotillard's fish-scale inspired Jean Paul Gaultier creation?

If you've got Hollywood style without the budget to back it up, don't worry – there are plenty of ways you can add a little starlet glamour without breaking the bank. First, search the web for companies like Serendipity Prom that make knockoff designs of popular celebrity gowns. If you can't find a good enough replication, you can also call up seamstresses in your local area to see if they'd be able to duplicate the design. In fact, it may be even cheaper to have a custom dress made for you than it will be to pay for a pre-made designer gown.

However, if the thought of going all out in a Hollywood gown seems like too much for you, consider adding accessories that give you the classic starlet look. Consider pairing elbow length gloves with a mermaid style prom dress, or a pair of wrist length gloves with a shorter, sassier gown. Try classic pearls with a cocktail length dress or add faux diamond jewelry like the bling that many stars sport.

Bright Colors

If your prom's scheduled for Spring 2009, what better way to celebrate the turning of the seasons than with a brightly colored prom dress? Think bright fuchsia, blue, purple or green, depending on your skin's undertones. If you have warm toned skin, try bright reds and yellows, while cool toned chicas should consider blues and purples.

If the thought of showing up to prom in a technicolor gown is a little much, try punching up a plain dress with some brightly colored accessories. For example, a pair of chunky, bright blue earrings could make a plainer dress pop, while bright red heels add a touch of excitement to a black and white dress. Don't be afraid of bright colors – they won't bite!

Short Gowns

Shorter prom dresses – an alternative to the wedding cake sized gowns of the past – made their debut last season and are definitely here to stay! If you've got great legs, why hide them under layers of tulle and taffeta? Instead, opt for a shorter

A word of caution, though. Short dresses can be a great choice for prom, just make sure they're not so short that you won't be able to dance and enjoy yourself. The last thing you want is to be the girl at prom that everyone bets on over when she'll wind up exposing herself on the dance floor.

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